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Not all towing services are created equal. This is because not all towing needs are created equal. The kind of towing service needed to tow a big rig is not going to be the same as the towing service needed to tow a motorcycle. For light duty towing, you want to call Dynamic Towing Toronto. Our company is licensed and bonded to provide towing services to all within the local community of Toronto. We are proud to call ourselves a towing service, and we make ourselves and our service available to you at anytime, anywhere in the area. This means we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to receive your call, and one of our technicians is ready at all times to respond and arrive at your location in no-time of your distress call to us. We make your business our business, and your safety and assistance is our top priority.

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Toronto light duty towing is a service that we provide, along with many other services at Dynamic Towing Toronto. Specifically, this kind of towing is for vehicles that are lighter than 10,000 pounds. Most commuter cars fall into this category, along with motorcycles. We’ll tow these vehicles of yours with a dolly, wheel lift, flatbed towing, or whatever form is necessary to transport your vehicle safely to where it needs to go. We’re happy to tow you even a long distance if you need it, whether that’s to your home, to a repair shop, or elsewhere.

There’s more to Toronto light duty towing than just towing, though. We also provide a number of additional emergency roadside assistance services that may or may not be the real reason most people call us for towing services. That means we’re here to jump start your car, change your flat tire, restart your stalled engine, offer car lockout services, fill up your gas tank, and more. No matter what your vehicle emergencies are, Dynamic Towing Toronto is here to help.

Professional services are about more than just offering specific services. It’s about having the experience, education, training, and tools to accomplish that service. Each of our technicians is properly trained, licensed, and insured to protect you, your vehicle, and themselves when they help you out. We can tow your car quickly and efficiently, providing excellent quality light duty towing with very little effort. Every tow truck is equipped with the state of the art tools in the industry needed for light duty towing, so you don’t have to worry that the truck that comes to you will not be able to help. You just call us and tell us what we need, and we’ll get someone on their way to you as soon as possible to help. That’s what it means to provide professional service: to help out every customer in the way that they need it.

For our light duty towing services in Toronto call (647) 931-7658