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Picture this. You drive back home with your car after a long day at work. You park it along the curb or in your garage. So far so good! After turning the car off you try to take the key out but you can not, it is stuck. You try and try and all of a sudden you got half a key in your hand and the other half stuck within the ignition. Yes, the car key broke… what can you do? You can try to get it out all by yourself. Here is how you can do it.

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What will you need?

  • You will need a lubricant. Do not use regular oil but rather, a lubricant spray can such as WD-40
  • You will also need a thin iron wire that will help you get the broken key out
  • Do not throw the broken key away, you will need it!
  • You may have to use eyebrow tweezers or a needle nose pliers, so prepare those too

Get started!

First spray the lock with the lubricant can. It will clean the dirt from the lock and will help you remove the broken key stuck inside. Then, take the other half of the key and place it gently within the ignition so you will have a sense of the broken part’s position and direction. Next, take the iron wire and slide it next to the broken piece. Wiggle it around, get a firm grip, and try to pull it out. If the broken part is half way out but still partly stuck inside the lock, use the eyebrow tweezers or the needle nose pliers to pull it out.

The alternative – get the experts to get the job done for you!

If you find yourself short on time, or if you do not want to risk causing further damage, simply give Dynamic Towing a call and our experts will immediately take care of the situation for you. This way, you will avoid any additional damage to your car or to your keys, and you will know you are in capable hands.

Why choose Dynamic Towing?

In a sentence: because of our high quality service. In a few more sentences: because of the winning combination of highly professional mechanics with our commitment to provide the best customer care by using the best technical tools that guarantee customer satisfaction. We are well aware of the fact that your time is precious and we are happy to take care of your needs while saving you time and headache. That is why we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week! Have you got an emergency? Just give us a call and we will arrive within no-time to provide expert assistance.

For our broken ignition key extraction services in Toronto call (647) 931-7658